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RIVI babe, I'm so glad you're here! 


I consider myself the CEO of Chaos (being an entrepreneur is truly that). I dropped my corporate event planning life in Las Vegas on a leap of faith because I desperately needed more flexibility to focus on balance. That's when I took a chance on RIVI. 


My intention is to design swimwear that makes you feel unique and confident while eliminating waste. Our processes are thoughtful and sustainable, removing fast from fashion and creating quality suits that will last. I absolutely love being outdoors, and my favorite memories include hiking, camping, and sailing trips. My philosophy is that we can be bold and set the tone for years to come in an effort to help our gorgeous planet.  


To me, RIVI means good times, no matter where you choose to relax or explore. I want RIVI to be part of those moments of bliss and when you are truly happy. I strive for our designs to be meaningful, beautiful, and full of adventure, like life should be.

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